Three Spots You May Never Have Heard Of In Tennessee

There is no denying that Tennessee is a huge state, even the name is longer than most other states. However, when you have a state this big, you are sure to have quite a few places located off the beaten path. Whether you are a lifelong resident or simply passing through, these three spots need to be seen to be believed. In fact, I can guarantee, these hidden gems will just about make anyone’s day! So follow along and take a look at the hidden treasures of Tennessee.

There once was a time when Al Capone ruled the land and speakeasys were all the rage. Of course, those days are long gone, with one exception located on Division St. Here you will be able to find the Patterson House. Actually, you may have a hard time finding it, as it remains unmarked from public view. This is one of the ways the bar remains a hidden attraction and is one of the best places in the Nashville area to have a quiet drink in a unique atmosphere. Keep in mind that the prices are higher than most other bars in the area, but the atmosphere and people more than make up for it.

Have you ever been crawling out of your skin on a Monday night and just wanted to get out? Perhaps there is nothing bingeworthy on Netflix or you just want to mingle with other human beings. One oof the best places to find yourself on a Monday night in Tennessee is at the 5 Spot. Every Monday night, you will here some of the very best of Motown in a unique setting with some of the coolest people in town. It is a great way to simply chill out and have a cold drink and make some new friends.

It never hurts to take some time and simply pamper yourself. We live in a very stressful environment and we need a way to decompress. Whether you are a man or a woman, it is fine to do something for yourself. With that in mind, we can think of no better place located off the grid than Poppy & Monroe. It is the perfect location to just lose the rest of the world and focus in on yourself for once. You will feel better than ever after one session here and be ready to take on the world again!